Renegade Advisor Intensive: Feb 14 & 15


Want More Out of Your Business? Cut the Crap & Ditch the Gurus to Learn What ACTUALLY Works!  

This is NOT Another "10X Your Business", "Double Your AUM in 6 Months" or Live Training Disguised as a Sales Pitch. You WILL Absolutely Leave With Powerful & Practical Strategies to Transform Your Business - GUARANTEED.


If your office is anything like mine, you get a flood of invitations to "improve your business" on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Well, the way I see it, you have two choices:

1) Ignore this invitation and miss out on what could be the most important information your business has received in a LONG while... or...

2) Decide to take the next 5 minutes and discover what's contained in this very valuable document. It could secure your business longevity and future success - in a very uncertain world.  

Let me ask you this: what thoughts go through your mind when you read these?

  • Are you satisfied with your business or do you want to take it to the ‘next level’ (whatever that means) 
  • The old advertising you’ve been doing not working as well as it used to – but the “new” strategies aren’t working either? 
  • Every expert and guru is telling you WHAT you need to change, but not HOW to do it? 
  • It’s exhausting to keep chasing revenue… but if you can just hit that next goal, profits are sure to follow.  

If any of these situations feel familiar, I want you to know...

You're not alone.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

That’s the good news. Now, it’s only good news because you recognize yourself in this scenario. The bad news is that unless you make some changes, your business will end up being like so many financial practices: struggling to survive and little more than a crappy sales job.

My name is Dan Cuprill, and like you, I'm a financial advisor.  

Not a former financial advisor.  

Not a guy with a sad story of how I was once on the top of the world, then lost it all because of someone else's stupidity - only to rise like a phoenix to share their secrets for a price.  

That's not my story.  

I'm a day-in, day-out financial advisor, who navigates the ever changing minefield of regulations and government interference, compliance departments, prospects and clients.  

Sound familiar?

Over the last 20 years I've attended hundred of industry and outside our industry events, only to repeatedly find a room full of hopeful business owners seeking guidance from self-proclaimed gurus. These so-called industry experts no longer are involved in the day-to-day of the financial world - if they even ever were in the first place.  

They've invested upwards of tens of thousands of dollars to establish themselves as celebrities, with slick introductory videos and photos with Leeza Gibbons, Zig Ziglar or the cast of Shark Tank. Those photos aren't the result of successful business deals or even running in the same social circles... they are paid photo ops, with the express purpose of making you believe in their celebrity status.  

You won't find me shelling out thousands of dollars for to position myself as the hero you've been searching for.  

Quite simply, here's what I believe:

  • I believe as a business owner, your objective is to make a profit each and every year, so you can finally attain the personal and financial freedom you’ve been working so hard for 
  • I believe you should NOT rack up (more) debt to get ahead.  
  • I believe you should NOT try to “get rich quickly” but rather build a business that consistently grows profit without your day-to-day involvement. 
  • I believe systems create profit, and profit gives you the freedom you always wanted as a business owner. 
  • I believe there are no gurus. Like Mark Twain, I believe every great idea has already been thought of. The difference between those who succeed and fail almost always comes down to level of execution they applied to their systems. 
  • I do believe mentors and trainers can help improve your performance, but.. too many fail to deliver value, instead focusing on on trickling of their knowledge in an effort to keep you as a client for longer.

I'm What You Would Call a CONTRARIAN...

Which is really a more polite way of saying I’ve seen all the B.S being spouted by industry experts – and I refuse to let anymore advisors fall prey to their tactics. 

The tools, systems and strategies I use are not what most marketing houses, FMO’s or vendors would propose you use. With them, you get the same old cookie-cutter-look-like-everyone-else brand of advertising and fall into the exact same traps: working for your vendors profit with little consideration given to your own.  

Why Is It Called the RENEGADE Intensive?

Let me explain to you why this workshop will be different from any other you’ve attended in the past.  

You see, my practice, Matson & Cuprill, works with over 200 families in twenty states. We collect AUM fee revenue from over $200 million of client assets. Until recently, I was the only producer and we still operate with just one operations staff member. I’ve been hard at it for over 20 years. About sixty percent of my revenue comes from years of implementing various marketing systems. The other 40 percent comes from buying out my partner five years when he retired. Success did not come overnight.  

It is the result of steady and consistent implementation of various systems that I learned from formal education, my ten years as a corporate employee, and my continuous pursuit of training in the latest trends that affect industry (you think the Robo Advisor is a threat? Wait until you see what self-driving cars are going to do to our industry).  

Over the years, many advisors have visited my office to learn what I do and how I do it. Frankly, I thought everyone ran a system based practice that focused primarily on profit, NOT revenue.  

Was I ever wrong...  

Many years ago, Michael Gerber described such a strategy in his landmark book, The E-Myth. In the book, he detailed how successful businesses use systems to allow them to grow their business in a consistent and predictable way, creating huge amounts of profit and freedom for their owners. I used that book as the framework for growing my business. Today, my fee based revenues are far in excess of $1 million, my overhead is incredibly small, and I take about 6 vacations a year.  

I don’t tell you this to brag.  

Sadly, this message of building a systems based practice to build steady profitable growth is not one perpetuated throughout our industry. In fact, quite the opposite. Most “experts” and “coaches” only offer one solution to growing your business: “Keep spending money.” And if you don’t have any money, they tell you to borrow it. Or pull it out of your IRA.  

This is insane. As financial advisors, we’re supposed to live the advice we give others. Save, cut waste, invest. But if you listen to the advice given by the vendors in our industry, you’d think we had wandered into an over-priced timeshare pitch.

Look, We Financial Advisors are an Endangered Species...

We face enough pressure from our FMO’s, Broker Dealers, Turn Key Asset Managers, Robo Advisors, the Department of Labor, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Litigious Lawyers…and now…”The Coach.” The truth is, people no longer need you for the products you provide. The advisor who survives the next ten years will do things completely different from the industry norms. To demonstrate just how different, I’m hosting the furthest thing from industry standard bootcamp. My goal is to cut the crap and show you an effective, profitable alternative from the madness and propaganda that you’ve been surrounded with. 

In Just 2 Days, Learn The Things That Not Only Work, But That Very Few Experts Will Share With You:

  • How to build a results tracking system that shows you what numbers will determine your success and assist you toward making profit-making decisions. 
  • How to manage your cashflow in a way that not only cuts waste but guarantees you hit your profit goal while still dedicating adequate resources toward growth.  
  • How to take your practice to higher levels without incurring debt. 
  • How to develop a marketing system that will deliver a The Message that will resonate with YOUR target marketing with the most effective form of media. 
  • How to create a selling system that will attract only the ideal client and repel those who are not. 
  • How to use automation to increase profits and sales. 
  • How to build a robo-referral system that gets referrals so you don’t have to. 
  • How to use automation to retain clients. 
  • How to turn the adult children of your children into clients. 
  • How to build a succession system that delivers you for life.


Frankly, there isn’t one. This intensive is not free, and it’s not for everyone. I’m going to take you through the 9 systems I use in detail, showing you how to build them on your own. For many, this will be an incredibly helpful in demonstrating how they too can eventually put their practice on auto pilot. Before I tell you about the event itself, I want to tell you what this event won't be:  

  • This is NOT a multi-speaker event. You'll be with us for 2 straight days. We will share with you strategies, tactics and secrets used to generate prolific profits in advisory businesses across the US, but this won't be a constant rotation of speakers.  
  • This is NOT full of old or outdated information.  
  • This is NOT a pitch-fest of useless information or products. We will present you with key resources to help you - and the choice is yours from there.

You Don't Have a Marketing Problem: You Have an Implementation Problem

Admit it…on your shelves right now are programs that you bought but either never opened or never implemented. On your desk is likely post-it notes of marketing ideas – collecting dust and getting pushed farther and farther down the to-do list. Maybe you even implemented some of these things, had some success... and then stopped. You got busy, distracted, something changed... and you stopped, despite having found success. Sound familiar? Implementation is the biggest hurdle any small business owner needs to clear. But once you do, then your own the way to build the practice you always wanted. So, after we step-by-step explain how to build the systems necessary to drive a profit-machine, we’ll then offer to assist you. It won’t be free. But, it will be an investment with the clear result of helping you succeed. Our mission, quite simply, is to create Renegade Advisors who will not only survive in the next ten years, but dominate. Only by moving against industry standards will the Renegade Advisor continue to serve the people that they wish to serve – and not to be relegated to scrapping the bottom of the proverbial barrel for any client they can get.

Feb 14 & 15, 2019 | Cincinnati, OH

Limited to Only 25 Advisors!  

Your registration includes:  

• Two full days of training to understand, create & implement processes and systems to transform your business • The most valuable live event workbook you’ll ever have access to • Accommodation for two nights at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott • Buffet breakfast and lunch on Thursday & Friday • Welcome Dinner on Thursday Evening 

I’ve included nearly everything you need in the low registration fee of $997. All you need to do is get to Cincinnati. Simple, right?  

But Wait, There's More...

You’ll quickly learn that I love to poke fun at the formula used by most marketers – make a pitch, don’t reveal the price until the very end and then stack bonuses on top of bonuses to make it as irresistible as possible. (In fact, at the Renegade Advisor Intensive I even show you how you can use this exact same technique in your seminars and webinars… you are doing webinars, aren’t you?)  


Like I said before, this event is not for everyone. But, if you: 

• want a 60% plus profit margin in 2019… • want to employ a selling system that weeds out time wasters and nightmare clients within 15 minutes… • want to utilize automation 24/7 to do the heavy lifting in your business… • want to achieve massive increases in recurring revenue – while working fewer days… 

then it’s time to register for the Renegade Advisor Intensive.  

Not Sure if the Renegade Advisor Intensive is Right for You?